Signal Location Utility v5 for Blackberry

Signal-Location Utility v5 :
Signal-Location Utility v5 is a convenient place to view network and location information. Outwardly it looks mostly the same as the original SignalLoc but much of it’s internals have been rewritten to be more efficient and reliable. It also incorporates a different storage mechanism for saved cell site and loations that uses the SDcard instead of the device’s internal memory.
Radio Features:
SignalLoc provides you with major radio information on the main screen plus a detailed radio screen with all attributes included. If available, the latitude and longitude of the cell site is also displayed. If the lat/lon is avaiable, you can also show the cell site on a map. You can save and export cell sites to CSV or KML format and you can have SignalLoc automatically save new cell sites as you encounter them
GPS Features:
SignalLoc provides you with your current latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and heading on the main screen plus a detailed GPS screen that adds horizontal and vertical error and the number of satellites currently in view. You can also show the current location on a map.

You can save and export locations to CSV or KML format and you can have SignalLoc automatically save locations for you when you’ve travelled a specified distance.
Landmark Store:
Saved cell sites and locations (both considered landmarks) are stored in an internal database. From the landmark lists you can view landmark details, delete, export, and view them on a map.
Device Details:
SignalLoc provides a convenient screen to view device details such as battery level, battery temperature, Battery voltage, PIN, and memory statistics. There’s also a menu option to view the system log.

Your device MUST be running BlackBerry OS 5.0 or greater.
Download OTA : Click Here
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