Kumpulan apps pelacak BlackBerry hilang

Cell seeker (berbayar)
Cell Seeker® provides the ability to locate a lost or stolen cell phone. For example: Did you lose your cell phone in your house but it’s set to vibrate? Activate Cell Seeker® via e-mail from your computer or from an SMS message using an alternate cell phone account. Activation will cause your misplaced phone to flash and ring with the audio of your choice. You can include a message which contains information for the return of your phone. This message will be displayed on the main dialog screen of your missing phone - (Example: I’ve lost my cell phone, please call 555-555-5555). When Cell Seeker® is activated, you will receive a return email or SMS confirmation response which contains GPS coordinates for use with the online map application of your choice. This will enable you to view an interactive detailed map of the phone’s location. A great tool if your phone happens to be at the corner drugstore.
Cell Seeker® can be activated quietly via email or SMS which allows for retrieving the current location of your cell phone without any visual or audible notifications that Cell Seeker® was activated. A great tool for parents!
Automatically lock your phone upon activation, requiring a valid password to continue using the cell phone.
SIM replacement check monitors the SIM card in your cell phone, and if the SIM card is replaced, Cell Seeker® will require a password prior to permitting use of the cell phone. The GPS location of the cell phone will also be sent to a pre-defined SMS address containing the location of the cell phone. Optionally, Cell seeker® will play an audio alert upon SIM replacement.
Remote Wipe provides the ability to remotely wipe specific data from your cell phone.
Cell Seeker® runs in the background and is always listening. Cell Seeker® automatically starts when the cell phone is powered up or reset. No worries though, your GPS will never run unless Cell Seeker® is activated.
Visit the Cell Seeker website to download user documentation.
SPECIAL NOTE: Registered users of previous versions of Cell Seeker® whose version numbers begin with 4.x.x.x can download the trial version and apply their registration key.
* Easily locate your lost or stolen cell phone
* Listens to incoming email or SMS messages
* Displays a message on the phone’s display when activated
* Lock you phone upon activation
* Plays audio alert and flashes LED when activated
* Quiet Activation (No audible or visual alerts)
* Sends email or SMS confirmation messages
* GPS coordinates of the cell phone sent via confirmation email or SMS
* GPS Timeout settings to improve on location accuracy
* Email & SMS responses contains link to Google Maps with your cell phones location
* Runs in the background and utilizes minimal resources
* Automatically runs when the cell phone is turned on
* Option to define the email and SMS activation sources
* Option to define the activation text
* Option to define audio notification via the phones Profiles settings
* Option to define LED flash rate and colors
* Option to enable Password Protection
* SIM Replacement Notification
* Remote Wipe
* Many more options available
* User friendly interface
* Integrated Help

Update Lookout Mobile Security v4.10 (free apps)

Lookout mobile security has been updated from 4.9 to 4.10
Protect your phone and download apps without worry.
Get the official FREE Antivirus, Backup and Phone Finder solution from Lookout.
Security: Block viruses, malware and spyware and scan every app you download to make sure it's safe.
Backup: Backup all your contacts and photos and easily access them from any web browser on the mylookout website. Restore data to a new or existing phone at any time.
Phone Finder: Find your missing device by pinpointing it on a map from the web, making it sound a loud alarm even if it is on silent, and remotely wipe all your private data from your phone if it is lost for good.
Manage Your Phone: Manage your Lookout settings, find your phone and access your backed up data all from the myLookout website.
All for FREE. Std txt & data rates apply. Formerly Flexilis.
Mobile Security
- Anti-Virus and Security, designed specifically for Blackberry
- Scans every app you download to make sure it’s safe
- Runs in the background
- Save a copy of your contacts and photos
- Sync your data automatically
- Easy access to your data “over-the-air” from any web browser
- Restore your data back to your phone or to a new phone anytime
Missing Device:
- Pinpoint where your phone is on a map via the web
- Activate a loud alarm to find your phone nearby
- Remotely wipe your personal data from your phone if it is lost for good

PhoneBAK2U Anti-theft for All  (berbayar)

PhoneBAK2U Anti-theft Wipe out all confidential information remotely when the BlackBerry is stolen and have the program tracks down the thief via SMS text, email, IMEI, IMSI and even find out the location of the thief!
Remote Data WipeOut: Remotely send SMS text back to the thief to wipe out sensitive information in realtime; 'Contacts, Categories, Emails, Phone Logs, Events, Memos, To Do Lists and Home User Subfolders' of the stolen BlackBerry!
For example: “John wipe 12345” where the PASSWORD is ʻ12345ʼ
SMS Text Alert: When an unauthorized SIM card is inserted into the stolen BlackBerry, SMS text alert and email will be sent out immediately on the background to pre-defined number/email address (e.g. spouse, colleague, IT dept) about the theft.
*Send from thief's own phone number, that includes IMEI & IMSI information to help in recovery.
Repetitive alerts can be set to send SMS Text Alert every minute on the background.
IMEI Detection: A number unique to every GSM phones used by the GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used to stop a stolen phone from accessing the network.
IMSI Tracking: An unique number associated with all GSM network mobile phone users stored in the SIM inside the phone and is sent by the phone to the network.
E.g. In many countries like Singapore, all prepaid and postpaid SIM cards users need to register with their ID or passport to the authorities. With IMSI, the authorities will be able to track back to the thief.
Location of thief: Information of the cell location (Area Code & Cell ID) will be captured in the SMS Text Alert when the thief changes the SIM card.
Multi SIM Cards: Up to 100 authorized SIM cards can be supported by the program.
Tamper Proof: Password protection to ensure no unauthorized access to the software.
Customizable Message: Owner can personalize the SMS Text Alert to be sent to the pre-defined numbers to notify others of the theft.
Auto Start Up: PhoneBAK autoruns every time the BlackBerry is powered up.
Low Memory Resource: PhoneBAK will automatically shut down once SIM card is authorized.
Free Add-On: Get a copy of PhoneBAKup for every purchase of PhoneBAK (Anti-theft)
Supported Language: English.
Supported Device: ALL BB,
to make the applocation compatible with Storm, follow this instruction:
1. Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications.
2. Select PhoneBAK and hit the menu (BB) key.
3. Select "Disable compatibility mode".
Repeat the steps for both Stealth and BAK2u service.
This will make the application compatible with storm.

Sim detective v1.2 (berbayar)
If someone has stolen your Blackberry and thrown out your SIM card, getting your phone back is highly unlikely. Not Anymore!
This Sim Card Detector app checks to see if the correct SIM is inserted into the phone. if not, it'll send a text or email to a pre-chosen friend with all the information you will need to contact the authorities and get your phone back!
SIM Detective is password protected, so only you can Enable/Disable this emails and texts
Change the pre-chosen friend at will
Have peace of mind knowing that your phone is safe
Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen
Superhero solo (free app)

Lock, Locate and Recover your lost or stolen BlackBerry®.
1 in 5 smartphone users experience lost or stolen phones. if it happens to you Yougetitback.com's free application protects the data on the device, deters the thief by settiing off a siren and makes it easy for a good samaritan to report your BlackBerry found ( even when locked).
We can even lock your BlackBerry before you know its gone - just set your profile and if the BlackBerry is used in a unusual way we lock it down.
Yougetitback.com work with the world's largest Retailers, Telecoms carriers and Insurance companies globally providing mobile device security - for laptops and entry level phones too. We provide security solution to large companies and governments also.
Check out the Mobile Superhero PRO version at http://www.yougetitback.com
SuperHero Solo is an application for all BlackBerry® devices running OS 4.2.1 and above.

Wheres My Phone Free Edition v3.1.23

Where's My Phone helps you find out where your BlackBerry is, whether it s lost at home, on the road, or anywhere else!
You control Where s My Phone by sending e-mail or SMS messages to it.
** New Version 3.0!
** Now Supports SMS
** More new features added to Pro Edition!
** See www (dot) essare (dot) net/whatsnew for details
Free Edition Features:
- Remotely trigger a loud alarm, even if your BlackBerry is on vibrate or silent mode!
- Display a message on the screen, telling the finder how to contact you.
Upgrade to the Pro Edition for these additional features:
- Get your BlackBerry s location via GPS, emailed back to you on devices with GPS .
You can test, but not fully use, the GPS function in the free edition
- Have your BlackBerry call you at another number, so you can hear where it is.
- Check the battery level remotely.
- Customize the alert screen.
- Additional security features.
- Require code word to access options or to stop app
- Choice of alert tones
- Option to auto-delete Where's My Phone emails on device
- Download contacts remotely.
- Get notification if your SIM card is changed (GSM Only)
- Remote Disable/Erase.
Please visit our website at www (dot) essare (dot) net for full details, including screenshots, FAQs, user s guide, and forums.
Where's My Phone requires SMS at least one email account using BES or BIS on your BlackBerry. If you use Gmail, you need to link it to your BlackBerry using the Email Settings program. If you use a password to lock your screen, someone who finds your BlackBerry with a locked screen will not be able to see the alert screen. The other remote functions will work. Note: If your device has "Content Protection" enabled, WMP will NOT work on your device while it is locked.
Remotely trigger a loud alarm, even if your BlackBerry is on vibrate or silent mode!
Display a message on the screen, telling the finder how to contact you.
More features available in the Pro edition!
Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen

PhoneBasics (Call Filter, Device Manager, Lost & Find, Ring Tone Manager, Airless Internet) v3.0.2 (free trial/ berbayar)
Lost & Find: Find your phone by calling it; Find your phone by message; Locate your lost phone on the map up to the point; Lock phone remotely; Ring your phone even if it is powered off ...
Call Filter: Easy configuration and control - Blacklist or Whitelist; Blacklist rule - you define which numbers to be blocked; Whitelist rule - you define which numbers to be allowed; Self-defined rules plus default rules; Call blocker schedule ...
Device Manager: Better phone lock: password help; avoid accidental outbound/emergency calls; Reboot phone easily and regularly; Intelligent power saving control; Smart screen backlight management; Computer-like file browser ...
Ring Tone Manager: Embarrassed when your phone rings at wrong time? Frustrated missing important calls after you turn ring tone off but forgot to turn it back on? PB Ring Tone Manager provides you intelligent ring tone management ...
Task Manager: View running applications on your phone; Memory usage statistics and cleanup ...
Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen

Find My Phone v1.06 (berbayar)

Find My Phone has 3 quick and easy was to locate your device. Find My Phone sets off a loud alarm, flashes the screen and flashes the front LED and vibrates, making it easy for you to find your phone. It also overrides whatever profile setting you might be on, so even if your phone is on silent or vibrate the alarm will still sound. 12 different alert types to choose from. Try out the free 3 day trial!
The alarm can be triggered by 3 different methods:
1) Phone call – A call from the same number 3 times within 60 seconds. If you don’t want this to be available for every phone number calling you can set up to 3 numbers that will trigger it. You do not need to let it ring until voicemail picks up, as long as it rings at least once it will count.
2) E-Mail – E-Mailing your phone with your secret pass phrase as the subject
3) SMS – Sending a text message with your secret pass phrase in the body
Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen, 6.0 Non-Touch, 6.0 Touch Screen

iLocBuddy (free)

iLocBuddy works with your existing wireless data plan, it does not matter who your wireless service and data plan provider is. We do not charge any fees for personal use. Advanced, professional or business use is available at very reasonable rates.
Here are some examples of what iLocBuddy can do for you:
✔ Keep an eye on loved ones by receiving real-time visual updates of one or many user’s locations.
✔ Receive automated alerts based on geographically defined activities of other users, such as leaving school or entering a forbidden area.
✔ Locate your lost phone via SMS text message.
✔ Allow others to see your phone location from any other phone or from a websiteReceive automated alerts based on geographically defined activities
Main Features:
» Real-time location display
(on phone or website)
» Display of historical activity
Location sharing between friends, family and co-workers
» Lost or stolen phone recovery

» Speeding alerts
» Area enter/exit alerts
» Separation alerts
» Secure data storage

SendAFix - Find Your Phone with GPS v1.0.1

Send and Request your location via email or SMS with SendAFix!
SendAFix is an easy way to send your location or allow friends and family to view your location on their PC or mobile device.
SendAFix will determine your position based on your BlackBerry GPS and send a map to the recipient. If your BlackBerry GPS is unavailable, SendAFix will try to determine your location based on cell towers.
SendAFix works two ways:
1. Send your location via the system wide "SendAFix" menu option by selecting a contact or typing in an email address or mobile number.
2. Allow users to request your location when they send an email with the subject "SendAFix" or text the word "SendAFix" to your BlackBerry.
SendAFix will notify you that someone is requesting your location. If you allow the request SendAFix will try to determine your location and reply with a link to your location which can be viewed on a PC or Mobile device.
You can give permission to specific people in your address book who can always view your location, such as close friends and family. This is done by creating a group in your address book called "SendAFix" and adding contacts to this group.
SendAFix can also be used to recover a lost or stolen BlackBerry!
Version 1.0.1
* Fixed Problem Sending SMS
* Added Altitude to GPS Info
* Added Coordinates to maps
Send & Request location via email or SMS
Permission dialog for requests of your location
Allow specific users to view your location
Register program via email
Display Cell Tower location if GPS is unavailable
BlackBerry users can view your location using BlackBerry Maps
Use your registration code as a Master Password
Let friends and family see where you are
Let others find you if you are running late
Recover a lost or stolen BlackBerry
Easy to use menu option
View location on PC or mobile devices
No data plan required to send SMS
Minimal Battery Usage
Meet a friend for Lunch
Track employees
Find your kids
Recover a Lost BlackBerry
Remember your parking spot
SendAFix to catch a ride
And much more...
Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen, 6.0 Non-Touch, 6.0 Touch Screen
Smartguard (free apps)

When your lose your smartphone, what do you do?
Guard and protect your smartphone smartphone
SmrtGuard Free = Device Protection + Personal Protection
* Remote Track Smartphone
* Remote Data Wipe
* Remote Call-Forward Your Smartphone to Another Number - Useful when you forget your mobile phone at home and need to re-direct call.
* Remote Listen to Your Smartphone
* Loved-one Tracking - Add a loved one as tracker
* Personal Panick Button - Discretely call emergency people, SMS/Email others when in trouble. One button push!
* SIMCard Protection - When an unregistered SIMCard is used, your smartphone notify you via SMS and/or email message. Tracking will be auto turn on.

Roblock Anti Theft Recovery

GPS & Cell based device tracking:
Roblock can point the location of your lost or stolen device on Google Maps using the WHERE command. If your device doesn’t have an integrated GPS hardware, or if the device is at a location where GPS signals are unavailable, Roblock automatically uses the cellular tower location information to show the approximated location of your device.
Remote interaction through SMS, Email and Web interface:
Roblock allows you to communicate to your missing or stolen device in three different ways. All the operations on your device can be performed using any of these three technologies.
SMS/Email notification on SIM Change to predefined recipient:
If your device comes with a replaceable SIM card, Roblock can inform you any event of SIM card replacement of your device to your configured SMS and Email recipients. This ensures your connectivity to your device even if the SIM card of your device is replaced.
Recover contacts from lost phone:
Roblock can recover the Address book contact entries from your device. This will help you to restore your contacts in case of a sudden loss of the device.
Remote Wipe the entire device/media card:
Roblock can erase your emails, contacts, documents, photos, calendar entries, Tasks, Memo and entire Media card, including the data stored on a connected BES server, if any. You can remotely invoke this command through SMS, Email or Web Interface.
Other Features:
Remote Call Back
Remote Popup Text Messages
Does not require BES/BIS for Remote Wipe

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